We now offer with all our USBs a service that enables the end purchasing companies to update information on their USB drives after they have handed them out, generate usage reports and brand the inside the same as the outside.
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Great For Trade Shows!
  • Provide attendees your trade show materials in an easy to carry flash drive
  • Save money by NOT printing thousands of trade show fliers and catalogs
  • Provide a useful, green tool to attendees that can hold thousands of digital documents
  • Send attendees updated documents and messages before, during and even after the trade show
  • After the trade show the user not only has a tool that allows you to keep them updated with materials but they also have a tool for personal use
Result You Can Expect!
  • Attendees plug in their flash drive to any Internet connected computer and receives the most current marketing materials, product information and special offers
  • Attendees can walk the trade show without carrying hundreds of paper documents and will better enjoy themselves during the event
Use our flash drives that come standard with automatic connectivity to a cloud based system that allows for delivery of event materials.
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First Time User Experience Automatically Launch Checking Usage Reports
First Time User Experience Automatically Launch Checking Usage Reports
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